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Therapy Kitchen Lemongrass, Lime & Bergamot Diffuser Fluid Refill


Therapy Kitchen Lemongrass, Lime & Bergamot Diffuser Fluid Refill

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  • Reuse your existing empty glass bottle and sticks with our diffuser fluid refills!


    Top up with this uplifting zesty citrus blend of lime, lemongrass, pineapple, tart apple, floral woody notes and caramel. Freshen your kitchen with this uplifting and zesty blend to neutralise lingering odours. The rich essential oil of Lemongrass will naturally revitalise your home with a fresh and purifying aroma.


    • Lemongrass Essential Oil A natural antibacterial remedy to heal wounds and help prevent infection. Lemongrass is useful for treating jet lag, clearing heads and relieving fatigue.
    • Lime Essential Oil Stimulating and refreshing, lime essential oil is often used for its cleansing properties.
    • Bergamot Essential Oil Bergamot's fresh and lively flower fragrance makes it a popular oil, that helps to create positiveness and promotes confidence. It's sedative and yet uplifting characteristics make it ideal for anxiety, depression and tension.
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