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Therapy Peony & Petitgrain Diffuser Fluid Refill


Therapy Peony & Petitgrain Diffuser Fluid Refill

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  • Reuse your existing empty glass bottle and sticks with our diffuser fluid refills!


    Relax in serene stillness with this peaceful, opulent aroma. Combining the essential oils of Petitgrain, Lavender & Cedar wood and notes of Peony and Rose, this floral scent can help to soothe today's stresses and prepare you for tomorrow's challenges.


    • Petitgrain Essential Oil Carries antiseptic properties and can help with maintaining the moisture and oil balance of the skin.
    • Lavender Essential Oil Can help to calm and relax and senses, including sleep. It is effective in helping to dispel anxiety, clear the mind and maintain harmony.
    • Cedarwood Essential Oil Can help to improve hair growth and reduce itchy, flaking scalp.
    • Bergamot Essential Oil Can help promote confidence with uplifting characteristics that make it ideal for anxiety, depression and tension
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