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BACSAC Fabric Pot (50L)

BACSAC Fabric Pot (50L)

  • Meet BACSAC®: a light, breathable and tear-proof garden pot to easily grow your flowers and plants, wherever you want. Easy to handle, BACSAC® Fabric Pots can be used indoors and outdoors while maintaining your plants in the perfect condition to grow naturally.


    BACSAC®’s geotextile fabric pots completely redefine traditional gardening, by sparking creativity and encouraging us to think up new ways to get around the constraints of urban living and dream of a city where every balcony, every courtyard, every terrace is a space to grow - to let nature in. Cities crave more nature, and BACSAC®’s Fabric Pots give you the key to be part of this much needed change.

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