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Bowtie Poker Chip Set


Bowtie Poker Chip Set

  • As one of the most popular games in the world, Poker's magical allure stems from each player's distinct and fascinating skills. Maztermind's Bowtie Poker Chip Set has inherited this charm, elevating your playing experience with a modern yet classic style. All the components you need to enjoy a high-stakes night in are all included in this Poker Set.


    Maztermind's craftsmen employ their creativity, ingenuity, and diligence to give this classic game a fresh look. The most important and difficult steps are honing, sanding the edges, and hand-cutting the leather to accent the bow shape for the wooden storage box. It features 300 colorful ABS chips, an exquisite copper dealer button, and a walnut storage box complemented with a symmetrical bow-cut waxed leather cover.


    With its sleek design and attention to detail, the contents of this set hold the power to recreate the thrill of being inside a real casino. Take full advantage of this experience from the comfort of your home - and with a little bit of luck, mystery, and creativity, you can play and win in style.

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