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Box with Lid Oval


Box with Lid Oval

  • That which the English describe as ‘stuff’, the Italian’s refer to so much more nicely as ‘Cose’. All sorts of different things. That’s precisely what designer Bertrand Joly wanted to achieve with his collection: a variety of accessories that can be used in many different ways.


    While the first impression of this collection may be that of bathroom accessories, the bowls, jars, and soap dispenser can also be perfectly translated into other rooms and functions. “I see them just as well in the kitchen, where the jars can be used for the aperitif, or as storage containers. The soap dispenser is also of added value in the kitchen. What makes this a remarkable collection is that it is not limited to the bathroom at all,” explains Lejoly.


    Each grey box with a porcelain lid is expertly handmade, giving each piece a distinctive character. Bertrand Lejoly's design vision is reflected in this collection's flowing hues and timeless oval design.

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