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Cup Low L FCK


Cup Low L FCK

  • The very first meeting between Serax and Frédérick Gautier in 2016 triggered an emotional connection that would soon lead to a unique cooperation. Because without the combination of water, earth and sand, mankind would never have been able to invent concrete, the very essence of modern housing.


    Each item in this early collection is unique, building on elementary shapes such as cylinders, columns, cubes, cones and discs. Furthermore, the plates and cups also bear the inscription FCK, an ambiguous pun, but not in the way you might think: the three letters not only represent the initials of the designer, but in the technical jargon of the construction industry. FCK is also the unit used for the characteristic compressive strength of concrete after a drying period of a lunar month.


    This low cup has an industrial but serene look and feel. The simple shape of the low cup and the robustness of the material go together harmoniously. The glaze is never homogeneous, ensuring each cup is unique.

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