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  • Board game players or art lovers, all are welcome on board. Or, all free spirits, as you see yourselves. Set sail from the ordinary with us. Dive deep into the ocean of one-of-its-kind design, fascinating twists and turns, and pure joy.


    Like a topographical map with multi-layers of continental shelf, slope, and rise, Islandopoly 3D board is splendidly designer to render the mystic, breathtaking beauty of the ocean floor. The boat tokens are darkened at the bottom, and lightened at the top. There's a 1 degree curve to help house tokens stand still and gently hug the shore. Every inch of the mountains is trimmed to describe the rocky, asymmetric shape of nature.


    Bringing all-time vacation home with a carry-on suitcase, which also doubles as a neatly organized banker.

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