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  • Within several rolls of the dice, Saigonopoly will take you to every little corner of the most iconic places, and own your properties from street vendors to luxury restaurants, that are based on the actual locations of Saigon. To represent the most vibrant of Saigon true colors, Saigonopoly includes components such as signature stools for marking your journey on the board, or the upgrade cards under the outlook of pedlars and trolleys.


    With the state of mind of bringing not only quality products, but also the traditional values of Vietnamese handcrafts prides, their artisans had spent 20 hours crafting through 17 processes to make 1 Saigonopoly. Each detail on the board is carefully crafted and put together. Saigonopoly is not just simply a board game - it carries the artisans' enthusiasm for mastering each component.


    Maztermind's Saigonopoly is a 3D magnet compact pine wooden map with UV printings that can be easily separated into 4 pieces to make it more convenient for players to carry, along with a set of cards and stools for playing the game which are carefully designed and handcrafted by their passionate design team and artisans.


    Note: Leather Dice Shaker Cup Set is not included, and can be purchased here.

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