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Two in One (Chess + Chinese Chess)


Two in One (Chess + Chinese Chess)

  • When east meets west - Two in One combines two of the most popular board games in the world. This compact game board combines the spirit of Western and Eastern cultures, which enhances the experience with just a flip of the board. Its compact size make travelling on-the-go easy.


    Thanks to the exquisite attention to detail in the handling of walnut wood texture, and the hand-gluing technique of leather on both sides of the chessboard, the finished product exudes perfection. From the walnut wooden chess board to the sleek brass chess pieces, all are accented with high-quality leather on both sides, adding an elegant look for the chessboard, spicing up the playing experience.


    Two cultures intersecting on a chessboard is exactly the kind of setting you need to break all limits and strive for victory. The compact integrated design of Two In One makes it a perfect companion in chess play, matching any chess mate and following you through any path to find a connection.

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